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Here is one other piece of advice. When your kid gets sick, watch out for pneumonia. Our eldest got it and we did not know the signs. Having him rushed to the hospital with a fever seizure was not fun.

Fortunately, we learned to recognize when it is happening. We have caught it a few times early since then. Basically, your kid will come down with a flu of some sort and get the usual symptoms. This will to run its course and the child will start to appear to be better. He will have a couple hours to day of fairly energetic playing. What will then happen is that day or night they will come down with a fever again and it will sap their energy. They will be completely zonked. If this continues to last for a day ortwo and does not go away, you need to worry about pneumonia and get your kid to the doctor.

That lull period where the kid is feeling better and the kid gets sick is the period when the secondary infection is taking hold. Of course pneumonia can happen without this lull period, but as a parent, if you can recognize the lull period, it will make your life much easier!
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