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Originally Posted by Edman View Post
Hey, welcome back! Sorry to hear about your mother.

I became a father 2,5 months ago! So yeah, its been tiring and time consuming, but also a very rewarding time. I'm only just getting my head around the fact that my personal goals will have to be put on hold for a while.
As a father of 3 kids, depending on your personal goals, you will have to reevaluate. Kids change you. You will find that you will not have the time for some of your personal goals and eventually they fall by the wayside as unimportant. You will also find that new things become much more important and become your goals. Furthermore, if you are one of the lucky person to be with your girlfriend/wife, life becomes a bit of a precarious balance.

You cannot forget to lavish some attention on your significant other during this trying time. If you forget, your relationship can fall apart. To be quite honest, as much as people say the first few years of child is wonderful, the stress that kids apply to your relationship is an absolute hell.

Tired grump wives/girlfriends, tired grumpy husbands/boyfriends and whining, pooping children do not make for a happy relationship if you do not take time to nurture that relationship! If you do not nurture that relationship, you can forget about sex and welcome resentment.

For two of my kids, my wife suffered post par-tum depression that went untreated (the usual it cannot happen to me, i don't want help bit). Our relationship was lucky to survive that. I tried my best to help out and sometimes it seemed like it was never enough. There were a lot of hurtful things said, but luckily we made i through. Now, with my kids beyond the baby point, our relationship has turned great again.

I use to love emulation, games, and RPGs. Now, years on, I cannot even get engrossed in them anymore. Part of me wants to play, but the time required to get engrossed in them is not available anymore between parenting activities, relationship nurturing, and work activities.
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