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Hmm, I got a little buzzed, and I remembered about ZD. Decided to check on it and see if it is still around. Saw your post! Me, I married way back in 05 and I am still happily married (albeit, an international marriage with 3 kids does hit its rough spots). I one of the fortunate people whom got a good job and have been able to stay there for a decade.

It is funny. In the wayback machine, I use to argue with a fellow named Quasius. The jokes on me. With time and a good income, my outlook has shifted conservative.

I guess that happens when you make a good income and 46% goes to taxes (excluding other taxes such as the 13% sales tax and property taxes). I don't mind paying my fair share but when the government keeps taking from me to give to other people, I get frustrated (ie. i pay full freight daycare while others get subsidized 90%, college tuition tax credits were eliminated for my kids to give low income free tuition - ie I pay full freight). Meanwhile, the government debt keeps increasing and increasing - very, very frustrating.

It really sucks! I am a Cannuck by the way!

What is with politics these days anyway? In Canada, we have dimwit who is a Prime Minister more concerned with being a pretty face and virtue signalling. Down there in the States, you had the choice between a giant douche and turd sandwich. God, the worst part is I cannot even be sure that your electorate made the wrong choice in disastrous candidate. They were both awful in utterly different ways.
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