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Default Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking question

Hi. My apologies in advance if this is the wrong community/Forum. I have a problem with editing a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM.

I'm trying to get my feet wet in the Super Mario Bros. 3 Hacking scene, and I am doing so by editing the first level of the game. However, what I am adding is just very basic obstacles (Thwomps, spooks, etc.). I'm using the editor called SMB3 Workshop. Now, what happens is, when I save the changes, it makes the Bonus room all squirrely. Basically, if the player enters it, it crashes the game.

What I want is very simple - to make changes to the first level (or any level, for that matter) without having to worry about them changing their respective Bonus Rooms.

I have a feeling that there's a solution to the problem. But, I can't see it.
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