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Default Re: Question about the Sega Genesis

> The Japanese "Wondermega" is the one and only Genesis system
> to natively output S-video. It includes a built in CD unit
> for SegaCD games, and it costs an arm and a leg.

Good luck finding a Wondermega for anything less than $200 for a working one. I'd love to get one of those things.

> The JVC X'EYE is the American equivalent of this system, but it
> lacks the S-Video feature. It does, however, have excellent
> sound quality, a hardier CD drive, and standard RCA output
> jacks negating the need for any custom cables. Expensive,
> but possibly worth it depending on your interest.

I own an X'Eye and it is a good quality system. My only complaints are the lack of natively being able to play Imports and no S-Video. But, that having been said I don't even use my old console hardware any longer.

PC + S-Video out from video card + ps2 to usb adaptor + ps2 controller + emulators + roms = happy fun gaming!
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