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Default u got it bad

this is getting bad...i was getting a presentation together when a song came on the radio..u got it bad from usher...totally lost concentration.

the whole god damn song applies to me and my situation.

i was out earlier tonight and i even called her my wife...didn't realize it until after the conversation.

here it is...8am...and i have absolutely no intention on sleeping. i sat here and thought about it for a's because in the back of my mind, i have this huge desire to talk to her..and i'm waiting for the phone to ring. realized it when i saw the phone sitting infront of me...directly infront of that if it rang, i'd see it, hear it and feel it (it vibrates too).

man, i am totally head over heels in love with this girl...but if i back down now, she'll just do the same shit again.

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