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Default Re: SMILE, IPS'ing, and pizza

> Sorry about the delays with SMILE version 1.0 . . . It's
> almost done now (finally).

Good to hear it. Take your time--it's done when it's done, and everyone knows a finished product late is better than an unfinished one on time.

> all patches that are made with any other program would have
> to be made with a non-headered ROM

The feature doesn't seem all that important--I'm about clueless to ROM structure and my hex knowledge is shabby at best but it only took a question or two for me to figure out how to "unheader" a rom myself. And anyone who makes a hack can include those instructions in the readme if they're worried. Seems easier that way, to me at least, but again I'm no expert.

> -it will NOT be an undo feature, but I am contemplating how
> to use IPS patches as a way of tracking changes made to the
> rom, in order to reverse the changes if they are undesirable
> (this is kind of like "undo" but only at saved points).

Unfortunately, about a year or so ago I had to scrap a SMILE project I was about halfway done with (completely revamped Crateria, Brinstar, and Norfair) because somewhere along the way a very important room got corrupted. I had been making backups regularly but the bug itself had eluded my detection because I wasn't testing the entire hack every time I made a backup--ended up the best "working" version would throw me back to Crateria and half of Brinstar, and I didn't have the heart. That was actually a good thing, because it wasn't that good and a lot of it hurt to look at, and knowing what I know now about ROMs I probably could have salvaged more than I did, but I would hate if that happened to my current project--anything like an "undo" function, in any sense, could never hurt.

I wouldn't make it a huge priority, of course. I'm one noob hacker in a sea of... uh... hackers?

> *Note* I am eating pizza.

And you didn't bring enough for the rest of us? For shame...
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