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That's right, Bluetooth. Forgot about that as well, My bluetooth dongle got smashed recently, and I haven't had a wii in over 6-7 months.

I've had one of those Wireless adaptors for 360 controllers, but I bought one back when they were $50, and I actually don't like the 360 controller myself. I'm pretty biased against most things 360, since every 360 anyone's had in these parts has always..... died. either the red ring, internal implosion, (you could actually here it thunk inside and make a light poof) or it would eat discs, and grind to the point the disc was no longer usable.

I'm starting to think I'm one of the only PS3 owners on the board, so I'll try keeping the console fighting to a hush minimum

I'm not one to usually fight about why the other console is bad to begin with, I usually just brag about something I can do. I still brag about owning a Dreamcast
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