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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
Then they complain when their pirated games don't work. :P
I had the exact opposite problem. I bought Neverwinter Nights Silver and Platinum. I gave Platinum to a friends kid "4 CD version" and I kept the Silver "DVD Version" for myself.

Well I started playing again and the DVD for no reason developed 3 one inch long cracks from the inside hole outward. From just holding the disk I can tell Atari used a thinner probably cheaper DVD to record these on. Because of it I couldn't play or even get the DVD to show up in my player at all.

Now the fun part. For anyone who has played Neverwinter Nights knows the copy protection is so intense it sometimes won't install and sometimes required a fresh reboot just to play and you need the DVD in the player to play also. After paying $90 for both silver and platinum I found there was no pirated version out there since the copy protection is so intense they used.

As for Atari they put out a great game but in the documentation they put in a clause saying they only will accept returns from disk defects for 2 stinkin months even though they used crappy DVD's to record on.

In this case I felt totally justified in looking for a pirated replacement for the game since it was them being cheap with the disk that was needed to just playing it since if I didn't have to spin up the disk every single time those fractures would not have developed for maybe a couple more years instead of less than a year from purchase.
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