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Default Re: Now thinking about copyright infrigment will send you to jail

>anyone voting
> for this is showing they are so in the riaa's back pocket
> since the DMCA was not just copyright infringement but a
> group of different laws all mixed and this law is made for a
> very specific group indeed

That's the part that I find funny for some reason. The DMCA is a law that is annoying as hell because it's so incredibly broad, yet this law is annoying because it's so specific (in that vague legal sort of way :P). I just hope that one day copyright law gets more sane in this country...I mean, obviously, downloading a movie from Bittorrent or something is copyright infringement, but having a punishment that seems worse than what a murderer would get?

That's just insane (well, I don't know...maybe the punishment isn't as bad as that, but it's definitely way overkill)

Oh yeah, and by the way...when did the RIAA become a government agency? /sarcasm You really have got to wonder who's pockets are being lined by/because of/whatever by this law in the government.
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