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Default Making Super Mario Divers (Help Wanted)

I'm making a hack of Super Mario Bros called Super Mario Divers. The lamo story to is is that all the fish and bloobers have taken over the mushroom kingdom along with Bowser and his gang. Some level stuff is being hacked, more and more after each world. Most levels are under water.

Frist off, I need someone to get me a credits editing program. With this, I can give credit to everyone who helps me out. But I need help with other stuff for the game.

Most of you hackers have edited the music to your Mario games. I would like my music enhanced or changed. I downloaded a Super Mario Land NES mix song, and I like it alot who ever made it. If I could get the song editing to work, I would love to use it in my game, if that's all right with you (I'd give all credit.)

Another thing: on some of my levels, the pirana plants appear to be invisible (when backround is underwater.) If possible, I need help on fixing it, even if it meens deleting them.

I am also a horrible graphics hacker, so if someone out there has any graphic suggestions, go on and tell me and I'll probably say yes.

I am handling the level editing, but if anyone has any ideas, please tell me.

I found a cool Mario editor, but I can't edit Luigi. It doesn't seem balanced without him being edited. If there is a Luigi editor out there, please tell me.

I was planning on finishing this hack before summer ended, but I have reading to do. I have the demo patch listed below for downloading. Thanks alot. Please notify me about anything.<img src=smilies/thumb.gif>

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