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Actually, what happened was that one of ZD's staff members deleted major parts of the website. Its in the process of being restored.

EDIT: just wanted to clarify, we don't know if the staff member himself attempted to delete the site, or if it was just someone using his account.

EDIT #2: OK, for the most part things should be restored. We are currently missing 81 emulator files, 130 translations, 10 frontends, I can't figure out which category the "Salamander/Life Force" game movie belongs to, 1 document is orphaned and 2 music categories have messed up names. So around 1% of all site files are affected atm. All of this should be back to normal when I get to extract the backup of the site, which will be on Monday night (can't do it now because extracting it takes the whole server down).
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