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shit is falling apart! How does stuff like that automatically fuck up on different web sites? You can't say updates or the service provider because if any service provider fucks customer's data like that to where the customer is responsible and has to make backups and reupdates and what not -is bullshit- and I -would not- pay for a shit service like that. This is all assuming that this is hosted with some company and not a private computer. I also don't want this to sound like people shouldn't backup stuff and rely on someone else, but something like this where a database is fucking up for days without becoming fixed in a few minutes or hours just ain't right.

As a workaround for anyone that wants something now and can't wait till it's fixed
an old link:
for the spc files

and remove the "download.php?file=/" part

these may be links older versions of the spc files

actually if anyone has a full collection of all the music in a zip file, torrent, or something let me know please. I will keep them safe for the future
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