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Man, if you're complaining about this, I can only imagine how pissed off you would have been back in January of '99 when I posted a trojan which purported to enhance the only working N64 emulator at the time but actually just deleted several important files, rendering Windows inoperable.

Incidentally, while I was aware that the site I was linking to featured porn, I wasn't aware of any virus issues. In fact, Virus Total (yes, that is a legit link) reports that the site is malware free according to Firefox, G-Data, Google Safebrowsing, Opera, ParetoLogic & Phishtank. From where are you getting your malware report?

Also, it should be noted that I resigned from this site several weeks ago, despite my staff member privileges still remaining in tact. So, frankly, I would find it pretty funny if everybody who uses the site died.
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