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Default PSZoom Beta v0.05 - First High Quality PS2 Emulator

Joxvon has done it again, this time shocking the world with the first truly playable Playstation 2 video. The emulator, dubbed PSZoom, has been tested to play over 350 games nearly flawlessly. Joxvon is now releasing PSZoom to the public in order to test it on a wider variety of games.

Features Include:
* Complete core instruction set emulation of the Toshiba Emotion Engine processor
* Nearly-Complete FMAC and FDIV emulation (Vector Processing Unit)
* DMA transfer emulation
* Direct Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory emulation
* Emulation of all 10 channels of direct memory access
* Accurate SPU2 sound emulation
* Save games saved in PS2 format, allowing transfer to and from PS2 memory cards
* Full support for analog controllers
* 350+ Game Compatibility

As the emulator is still in beta stages, Joxvon has requested that it only be distributed via his own site until the first official Release Candidate is made available, so head over to Joxvon's site if you want to test out this impressive piece of work.
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