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Originally Posted by Reaper man View Post
Enjoy your shit bitrate.
Actually...I don't think discs will go away, but on my Blu-Ray player there's a "download and rental" service called's pretty much an extra application that it has (along with some others like Netflix and Pandora Radio). You can pay like say five dollars and stream a movie in HD (you get access to it for a day, or more if you choose to buy it). Let me tell you...I've watched a couple of videos in HD from there (The Iron Giant and the Star Trek reboot) and the quality is astonishing. It may not be quite as good as Blu-Ray, but it's damn close.

I say this as someone who considers themselves a bit of a videophile. If the quality was 'eh' I'd be complaining about it, believe me. The thing that amazes me even more is that it was streaming. I didn't have to wait for a download, and the quality was still awesome. Granted, I have FiOS (though the lower tier of it), but I'm surprised by how excellent it looked and how well it streamed (with no problems at all). Honestly, I wasn't actually expecting it to look that good.

Oh, and I should mention that it was streaming in full 1080p. O_O
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