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Default Any sound files tag editors (NSFE, SPC, etc)? And is there NSF to NSFE converter?

I have a NSFE for Mega Man 4 and noticed that the tags say that the composers/artists are Ojalin, Bun Bun where it should be: Minae Fujii and Yasuaki Fujita instead.
To my surprise, these where the Megaman 4 composers pseudonyms!
In any case, since I would like to edit the NSFE file tags to their proper name, especially since I use scrobber.

And is there any way to convert NSF to NSFE?
This would be usefull since NSF files don't support tags.

Also... please do mention any tools available to edit tags in SPC files as well.
For linux there is
And for mac there is

Thank you!
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