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Default Crystalis ROM dumping tool (partially complete)


A few years ago I began work on a Crystalis ROM dumping tool. My ultimate goal was to create a full-blown ROM editor. However, as I disassembled the ROM I determined that this was not feasible. All of the in-game event triggers (which basically define the game's story line) are hard-coded as individual "if-else" statements scattered all over the code, and all hard-coded to specific room numbers. The event system is not table driven. Given this, I did not think that it would be feasible to create the type of editor that I had in mind.

However, I do have code (in C++) to dump all of the maps and maps connection points (these, thankfully, are table driven). I also have some extensive notes on the inner workings of the ROM. I also wrote a custom 6502 disassembler just for the purpose to dumping the crytalis rom. It takes as input the iNES format rom file and a custom symbol file and outputs commented disassembly. (currently doesn't compile - Gentoo Linux just updated flex&bison). This is a command line tool for Linux.

Is anyone interested in picking up the torch on this one?
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