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Oh yeah. The first thing I learned as project manager in a software company was delegating. It's crucial in order to keep the overview. But I think your boss just had the habit of the founding days when all decisions had to be made by her.

Change requests by management is also a big issue. That often happens when a boss doesn't really know what is technically possible and what not. If a boss also doesn't know how much work time has to be spend on workpackages he or she makes promises to the customer which bring you as employee into big trouble.

So in an optimal case your boss has experience in these kind of tasks because he or she has done it before and remembers what it means. But I also had a boss who was a perfect technician but lacked some experience in financial issues like making a well balanced offer. The often made error is to cut down the work time in order to make a more competitive price. This only works when you have to do a routine job, but not if you have entirely new technology or tasks.
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