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Switching between 16x16 and 32x32 isn't actually a crash. It has to reload a lot of stuff, so it forces you to re-open the program. I figured that most people will just choose a view mode that they prefer and be done with it, so I didn't bother (ie- was lazy) to code in a way to not to have to reload the program.

As for which compressed areas aren't supported yet... I'm not 100% sure. The peak of the mountain isn't supported. All of the other "normal" areas are. Mind you, there are a few festivals that appear to be "in town", which in fact use their own unique data.

Somewhat related note:
There are multiple ranches, mountains, and towns because I'm reading the level data from a pointer table which points to more than just the levels. The 4 ranches, which all use identical level data, have other properties that aren't the same (the 4 seasons).

Another note:
Sorry about level "2D". That is the next entry in the table, but the pointers point to "wrong" information and I haven't looked into it yet (ie- meant to hide that from the list before release, but forgot).
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