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Default Re: more of a question

It was taken away from me because I was doing it illegally - that much is clear, understandable, and I can't blame "them" for removing it and being angry with me for it.

I just wish my constant pushing, requests for access, and offers of help weren't rebuffed so completely. I've had Sam say it was okay, said I was on staff, and then ignored my request for SFTP access... only to publically call me a nutcase and tell me I'd never have access.

I was willing to do the work, capable of doing the work, and I could catch the site up in a lot of ways. Look at what I was able to do with the NDS page...

Maybe it's not the prettiest, but it's easy to read, and it works.

I guess that's the biggest problem - No one is updating the site. Peep has told me privately about people 'working on things' - and when I'd confront them, they'd tell me they weren't working on the things Peep said... so that means *someone* is mistaken, or lying.

I've talked about updating the news page, and was told the staff wasn't looking for news updates - they're looking toward a site revamp. But where's the proof of that? Why is is so secretive? If we believe what we're told, this revamp has been, what, five years in the making? With nothing to show for it other than some pages I linked to a while back, and a crappy "newZD" theme for the forum.

This forum is so old and broken, that the idea of replacing it came up - and was smacked down like some ungreatful bitch because it would mean, you know, asking people to re-register. Imagine that...

For an "emulation archive", the archives are quickly falling out of date... and no one cares. Supposedly a PHP-based download/link manager is in the works. ...Where's that? Why aren't we testing that yet?

It's a lot of fluff. I've been on the SFTP and prodded around. The server side of things is a mess, and has been for years. The SERVER side of things needs a major revamp... and frankly, what's the purpose of archiving past emulators if we're STILL not able to select and download those files?

In short, ZD as we knew it is broken, sputtering, and dead. ZD isn't an emulation site anymore - it's an outdated, broken, sputtering set of forums where people who used to know what emulation was sit around and bitch, whine, and moan.

But nothing ever comes of it. I've said, and shown, that if I had access, I could get the site updated and spit-polished. I could bring in new people, and I could get the front page updating again. I could get a new forum in place, a new download system, rss feeds... maybe even interviews and articles again.

It takes leadership - something this site lacks. Sam holds onto the site with a death grip, but does nothing beyond host it. He doesn't care about emulation and never has. He doesn't care about the site, beyond being able to have his groupies, who he can whine to when it comes to DJing or trying to get a girlfriend.

We have moderators on a forum who bitch about having to lock topics once in a great while. ...What's the point in being a mod if you're not DOING anything? Simple - it's status. They have a little "A" or a "M" next to their name, and that means they're BETTER THAN THE REST OF US.

I've sat on #zophar before, and no one talks. If you start talking about the site here, on the forum, you're told to shut up, put in your place, harassed, possibly even banned for it. The staffers know the site is dead and like to put forward this great wall of disinformation to say things are being worked on in the background, where people whisper in shadows and meet in secret.

And the worst of it is, I've given up. I have the desire, means, ability, to lead this site back to its former glory - and to make ZD something more than a joke. ...And no one gives a damn. I've called people out and asked them to openly disclose new features, jpeg examples of the new site, something. And there's never any proof.

ZD is dead.
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