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Default Re: more of a question

I don't want to get into all the nitty-gritty in public, but I think I'm safe saying this much: I'm not a ZD staffer. I don't have SFTP access to the site, and Sam's made it abundantly clear I will never again have access to the site in that way... despite being capable and willing of making updates to the site.

I'm the one that got signatures 'working' again on tthe forums, re-fixed the rss feed (which is what killed the site that day - the rss feed linked to a broken script that I didn't write, and had to remove -- and is what pissed Sam off so badly), and built a NDS emulator page.

But if I'm not a staffer, and was doing all of this work on the site... that meant I was doing in an improper manner. And I was caught at it (because of the rss feed issue). My method of access was taken away from me -- and it was quite right to do it, because I wasn't going through proper channels. Of course, those 'proper channels' were cut off to me in the first place...

Hmm, this explanation was a lot longer than I wanted it to be. The big thing is, I was getting access to the site illegally, and I was caught and the access was taken away.
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