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Default Re: Testing whether or not Cornellius can fuck off

> > Fuck off, you faux-French canuck. I'm being given shit by
> > this Broadus guy, don't you dare fucking respond to my
> > justified post by telling me to shut up.
> Don't say you've been nice all the time to him.

I never said I've been nice to him. I just said that I haven't done anything to him since the thread was closed. However, he's been sending me lovely PMs ever since the thread has been closed. I don't deserve that shit, that's fucking harassment. As far as I'm concerned, as soon as Broadus's thread was closed, there was no longer any issue. What I do take issue with is that he feels the need to continue his general idiocy by taking pot shots at me via private messages, and then when I make a post with justified ire, someone like you who has a boner for putting me down without regard to whether or not you may be right or wrong comes along and tells me to shut up. Fuck you, I'm not going to take shit lying down from some asshole who can't even spell.

All this time, and he still can't accept the fact that "I am wandering if something is possible," is either a misspelling of wondering or a misuse of wandering, and no amount of screeching like a rapacious swamp sow that that's the way he intended to use the word all along will make it any less so.
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