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Originally Posted by puduhead View Post
The price point is a bit high (why i haven't ordered it yet). But its not a corporate production with outsourced assembly so its to be expected.
Actually, it's worse than I thought. As I said to Reaper_man on AIM, the UK price quoted on the site does not include shipping or VAT upfront. The final price works out at 375. I'm not happy about them withholding shipping and VAT from the upfront price, that's just deceptive.

Originally Posted by puduhead View Post
So compact (about the size of a 3DS) and just so geek. I don't know for you, but half of the fun I have with computing and running software is the thrill of setting up and configuring. Other handhelds are geared more towards the standard consumer experience (besides the jail breaking). That's good for making money with a low common denominator, but for people that like to get into the technicals - this is good. Very good.
That's a big part of it to me. Being able to also use it as a low-power computer is as big a part as using it for gaming to me. But considering that the machine, shipping, VAT, and accessories are likely to be pushing 500 all-in, that's half of what my main PC cost!

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