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The most likely reason for text to show up differently in the game than it does in a hex editor is an incorrect table file. Alternatively, it's possible that the class names, menu items and other such things use a different table than the dialogue text. Try changing only one letter and see if it appears correctly.

As for your other problem, it sounds like you're overwriting control codes. There are bytes (different in every game) that control when a page stops/erases/etc. If you don't include those bytes in your new text, the game has no idea when to pause the text or wait for a prompt. Look at the text from the beginning of the game. There will be one or more bytes between the end of the first page of text and the start of the next page. These will be control codes. Experiment with those values and you'll figure out how to control the text.

As for your other question... There are no programs to hack FFTA. In order to do the things you're talking about, you would have to disassemble the game's engine and figure out how it works. This can be done with a hex editor but it could take you 10 years to accomplish. You'd be much better off learning ARM assembly language and hacking the game properly. Once you've figured out how the engine works, then you could code a simple editor but that's the last step in a very long process.
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