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Originally Posted by Ungodly View Post
MD is the Multi Game Doctor copier format (as opposed to the Super Mega Drive copier format.) .BIN, of course, is a raw binary format.

You should be able to convert between all three formats using SMD BIN WIN, at least according to the description on RHDN which isn't always accurate.
thanks for pointing me in the direction of that! just tried it out on a few roms however and now they wont even load up in Fusion after converting them to .bin. also tried them in PicodriveDS and jEnesisDS and neither worked. even went as far as trying to convert the converted .bin file to SMD and that failed as well. oh well. thanks for your help. im gonna keep looking into this for now.

edit:also looks like the developers website is down. but found this documentation on all the Genesis file formats.

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