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I just use my DS for that stuff. Homebrew hardware (assuming you already have a DS) is pretty cheap, probably around $40 (and let's say at least $15 - $20, for a lower capacity SD card). Emulation of some systems is imperfect (SNES, NeoGeo). Genesis, NES, GB/GBC work pretty great (there are some other emulators, such as one for Master System that seem to work great, but I've not used them extensively). Actually, NeoGeo is pretty good too amazingly, though I don't think it supports anything but streamed audio in NeoGeo games at the moment. SNES is pretty playable (I played through games like Earthbound on it), but sometimes you need to futz around with the settings to make sure everything is visible.

As far as GBA goes, you can't emulate GBA on the NDS. If you had one of the slot-1 DS carts though, there are 'RAM packs' (such as the EZ 3-in-1) that you can use to load GBA games. I believe they are around $20 - $'d need a slot-1 card first though.
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