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Default Portable Emulation on the cheap.

Hi all,

I've been into emulation for a Loooong time. I started with stuff like Nesticle and ESNES way back in the 90s and used to be on this forum a lot back in the day. However, now I have two jobs, am married and don't have a bunch of free time at home. Which brings me to my question. I still playing emus, mostly GBA, SNES and Genesis, but I just don't have time to sit and play at home, especially the time consuming RPGs that I love so much. So, I'm asking what is the cheapest and easiest way to get emus, mostly gba or snes into something portable. I know PSP looks really good for that, but I can't really afford to spend over $100 on something, only to possibly brick it by trying to install new firmware, etc. I have also been looking at buying an actual GBA (they are cheap now), but the flash carts, even the 128mb ones are are around $100 also. Is there no cheap alternative?

Thanks much in advance.
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