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Originally Posted by SpaceTiger View Post
I'm for Obama, and I'm happy to say I agree 100% with Danoz and Colin Powell.

McCain is a good guy, but I really question his ability to make decisions under pressure. I mean, really, Palin?! Sure, I'd do her, but that doesn't mean I'm going to vote for her. She's like the NASCAR of politicians.
The only differences being that she knows only how to turn to the right, and that she stores her airbag intracranially.

Seriously, however...
Before the election I had some respect for McCain, but stuff like rashly picking Palin made me seriously question his ability to make responsible decisions, and some of the uglier ads by the McCain campaign wore away at my opinion of him regarding his integrity. (Seriously-- an ad claiming that Obama is some sort pervert who promoted "legislation to teach comprehensive sex education to kindergarteners", when in fact it was a measure to help children learn to avoid pedophiles? That's pretty low campaigning.) That's in addition to things like McCain making friends with Falwell, whom he had previously (and correctly) labeled as an "agent of intolerance". It become more and more clear that in the quest to finally win this time around, McCain had abandoned any free-thinking "maverick" ways of old in favor of pandering to "his base".

Plus, the prospect of a overwhelming conservative majority on the Supreme Court worried me. At least right now they're restrained a bit by the fact that Kennedy, while conservative-leaning overall, sometimes breaks away. Had McCain won, and additional conservative/reactionary justices replaced a couple of out-going liberal judges, as would have been likely, there would have been nothing to keep the court in any sort of balance.

All in all, I'm glad things turned out as they did. That's not to say I have no reservations about Obama (I actually voted for Hillary in the primary), but by the end of the general campaign I think Obama showed himself to be significantly more fit for the office than McCain.

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