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Well. For Legend of Mana we developed some own tools but I don't have them any more. Lavosspawn from G-Trans who programmed almost everything might have them somewhere. Unfortunately he left the scene some years ago without further notice how to contact him.

As I hint: try to find him in IRC:

Server: Port: 6667 Channel: #emulation

From there ask about lavos from g-trans.
People there might know something more.

If you CAN find him and talk to him... you have to convince him yourself.
I don't expect him to be very cooperative. I also remember some problems he had reinserting the texts... So don't be disappointed if it doesn't work.

I can't help you with coding a better editor or some project tools for Legend of Mana. I just contributed some contents from Star Trans to the project led by Lavos from G-Trans. It was the last great project they did... is really redirected to zophar.... but thats okay. The domain belonged to one of the 4 founders who left the group. The real page is still online at CryoX is my successor there.... but he is not very active. In fact... the German translation scene is almost dead.
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