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Exclamation getting data from rom to card

hi im new here and sort of new to emulation and roms etc.
anyway recently i got the pokemon diamond on gameboy ds, seeming as i am a complete stat whore i have to have all the pokemon EVER!
BUT i dont want to spend 000's of dollars on games SO i thought i could get a pokemon rom download it onto a gameboy colour cartridge and play it off that.
i have a cartridge with stuff on it but i dont know how to access the files.
(btw its a game boy advanced cartridge its one of those 108 games inn 1 cartridge and it isnt even 108 different games its like 18 ancient arcade games (frogger pacman etc) repeated over and over.) so yeah. i need to know what i need to access the files on the cartridge (i have opened it up and had a look for somthing to put in my computer but. nothing) and what rom will work on the nds
EDIT: btw the game to be put on the cartridge is like pokemon fire red or something like that a gameboy advanced game.
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