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Default Re: Something to hook up multiple devices to one TV

RGB is most definitely leaps and bounds ahead of composite, even when run through a bad switch. However, in my case, I have a hard time settling on a lower quality result even if it makes my process more convenient. I'm actually using a scart/component converter for my rig (in NTSC land, it's pretty much your only choice), and the converter itself actually sits right by my consoles. When I want to play a different system, I just swap the cables as necessary and keep an extra set of them around in case the wear and tear becomes too much. In your case, maybe just getting a scart extension cable would be a good idea.

As for switches, I have bought two from ebay - one left everything tinted blue, and the other added tons of interference and fuzz. They were around $10 apiece. I've seen good looking switches from Keene, the company that sold me my converter, but they were frighteningly expensive.
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