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Default Re: What the hell is a damn "furry"?

Technically, I'm a furry. Because I like anthropomorphic works. Like, Bugs Bunny and such. And a lot of furries, though not all, like sexual artwork of humanistic animals. I like some of that stuff too.

Other furries take it further and like fucking balloon animals. Or "plushies" (aka Stuffed Animals.)

Some like wearing "fursuits". Some like fucking each other IN fursuits. Some like wearing fursuits and fucking stuffed animals.

Some roleplay online that they're animals, or humanistic animals. Some go so far as to meow and talk about their "paws" and what not. Some take it so far as to ask you to "paw" something over to them, rather than HAND it over.

As with any sort of fandom, many people take things WAY too seriously, and WAY too far.

There are the "lifestylers" who are convinced that, despite appearances, they're actually, say, a walking, talking, bipedial fox boy. Many furries are also gay.

That said, I'm not gay. I'm married. I don't wear a collar, ears, or a tail. I don't own a fursuit, and I don't sleep with stuffed animals. I fuck my wife, not my pets. I don't take things too far, though I know many who do. Which is sad.

Many "furries" seem to fixate on the one fandom. To where "normal" people are "mundanes" because they don't understand the fandom. And other fandoms, say, Trekkies, are looked down upon because that's just a TV show, while being "furry" is considered a "lifestyle". Which is sad.

I think it's retarded to take the view that all furries are evil, unclean bastards, because there are people in all fandoms that take things way too far.

Then again, it's gotten so bad I don't call myself a "furry" anymore. I consider myself "fur-friendly", or "furry-friendly", sort of the way you can be "gay friendly" without actually being gay.

(Beastiality is NOT a symptom of being a furry, though there are some out there that think it's acceptable. Since they're walking fox-boys, why can't they fuck their dog? Right?)

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