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Hi greatxerox

Discussing the idea of collaboration with Emu-france and that Zophars can take the RSS feed from your site to use it as news here, I initially like the idea, but I had to discuss it with the rest of Zophar's staff and think about how to make that work.

About the set up. Maybe It can be set up that from the "Emu-france RSS" each news will be someway posted automaticall at zophars forum on "Submit Emulation News", the Zophar staff will review each news and approve it to be showed on the main page.

My issues are:
1) I still do not know how to connect RSS to feed this forum. I can check it with Edman
2) The news are in French and I don't know french, I don't know if a translation service can be added to Emu-France RSS, I never did something like that on the past.

I disagree to post news directly on the main site directly with RSS, because Zophar had copyright issues on the past, and I don't want to risk the site by posting some emulator that may contain copyrighted ROMs on it. But maybe a "side Frame" with external news can be a good idea too.

I also want Zophar to maintain their autonomy, but I think it will be fair that each news grabbed from Emu-France RSS contains a source link saying that it came from Emu-France.

I still need to discuss this with Zophar's staff, but let me know what do you think.


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