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Default Re: Humanity disgusts me.

Err - now i know why you got all pissed off when i said there should be a limit on how much people game!

Seriously though, life is not as bad as you think. I dont know what crowd of adults you are hanging around, but life is not all drinking, getting laid and getting sick and working.

People work because they have to. They need to pay their bills and pay for their house and car. When children come, there is not enough time for playing to commit to video games. As we age, we develop different interests. And no, not all the gaming community are losers like you say. My cousin still games BUT not every day and only a fe whours a week. Kids and ball hockey you see.

As for the internet - yes it has become commercialized. Are you really surprised though? Companies do what it takes to make a buck. That is part of human existance. You can still plenty of sites out there with free information.

Release your disgust! People grow and part of growing is finding new interests beyond playing videogames.

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