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Switched back to a little Diablo 2 because the Ladder reset. Still love this game infinitely more than D3. And if you play it with a glide wrapper its still 800x600 res but fullscreen rearticulated in your desktop res so its not all blurry.

Also had beat this free flash puzzle game Puzzle Legends which a music associate of mine made the soundtrack to. I enjoyed it and since it was heavily inspired by Adventures of Lolo, i fired that up on Nester DC on Sega Dreamcast. I really like it and there's 3 of them to keep me busy when I'm in the casual gamer mood.

Lastly, step-son and I have been bashing into each other on PC version of Flatout 2, playing on LAN. Much preferable to my PS2 version since the res is higher and no split screen multiplayer required.
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