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Default "Do you believe in miracles? YES!"

Good ol 80s olympic hockey announcer...anyways.

It was about 10 pm last night. I had a program due for my programming class the next morning. Not only had I not really started on it, but I had to download a compiler because my dumb ass misplaced the CD that came with my book (which includes a compiler).

Normally I know exactly what to do on the projects we have in there. However, I was intentionally absent (as in I couldn't get my lazy ass out of bed on time so I said fuck it) the previous class, so chances are, most of what I needed to know he would have explained. Let's just say I would have eventually figured it out, but I probably wouldn't have gotten an ounce of sleep.

I never print out the assignments the teacher posts on the internet. This strange fact saves my behind pretty much. I went to the site to once again read through the assignment, and what do I come across? The teacher had made the code for the class that we had to create...and posted it on the site. I think he did this between Tuesday (last class day) and today because people in class today looked surprised when he announced he had made the code and showed it to the class.

Normally I don't believe in plagiarism, but man, when a miracle appears waiting for me to grasp it, I take it. Seriously...I was in disbelief when I saw it. I obviously didn't copy it letter for letter...I even changed some of the ways he went about doing certain tasks in it. I doubt I'll get full credit, but at this point, I wouldn't care if I got a high B on the project considering how he butchered my last one.

It was simply a miracle. The day before, in my speech class, I not only had to partially give a speech (group speech) that I had no idea was due (thanks to another intentional absence), but also found out that I have to give the next big speech in that class on Monday. Last time when I got the date for my speech, my turn didn't come around for another 3 weeks...this time it's 5 days. That on top of about 10+ pages of calculus homework due on the same day that I've only got half done, and then when I realized I lost the damn CD with the compiler, I was about to throw in the towel, hit the sack and just fuck my good grades. I needed a miracle to get me back on track and I done got it. It's all the motivation I will need to complete everything I need to complete.

Anyone else have any really good out-of-nowhere things happen to them?

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