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Originally Posted by reyon123 View Post
I really love vecxWii 0.3 I used it when I am younger. Is there any idea to port/create emulator?

I am not good at programming when i am younger write-now I am good programmer but still I don't have any idea about this. Is there any idea for that?

So please tell me........

Thank you all in advance..........
i've written a NES emulator as well as a full x86 PC emulator. to program an emulator, you need to have very very detailed technical knowledge about the system you are trying to emulate. you need to understand all of it's subsystems and how they interact. you need to understand how the CPU works on the byte-code level including manipulation of flags and registers.

writing one is not for the faint of heart. i've been working on my NES emulator on and off for over a year, and it still has bugs in the graphics emulation in some games.
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