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Default Gens game controller problem

Hi im new here, i have been using emulators for a year or so now but have only just registered on the forums.

I am having a problem with Gens, the sega megadrive emulator.

I have a mad-catz turbo controller, and when i try to configure the controller into gens, the 'press the key for up' comes up and it goes through all of the configuration without me pressing a button and i cannot configure the controller to work properly. This also happens with gens +. is there a patch or something that fixes this? when i try and run Kega fusion it works perfectly, but i carnt use that emulator as it locks up for some reason at random times on my pc.

When i run gens after this and try to run a rom, all buttons seem to be assigned to when i move the controll stick left.
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