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I myself use Mudlord's Rice Video 6.1.4

I'm not sure if there is a difference between that and the Regular Rice Video.

You can turn off skip frame, there is a button for this in 1964 already.

Combiner type: try setting it "For low end video cards"

You may want to try using software T&L and software vertex clipper. I use both of those, but it may not work for your lower end machine, trying it doesn't hurt though.

texture filters: try "force linear filters (slower, better quality)" If ou lose too much speed then revert back. you may also try using nearer filters

uncheck all the check boxes in Game Default Options except for accurate Texture mapping.

Try that. I'm surprised you can even run N64 emulation on the lower computer, I had an Athlon (K7) once with ATI 2X rage pro and I could barely play any N64 games whatsoever
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