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Default Re: It's Okay that Bush Pardoned Libby ...

> The best way to do something which people would not approve
> of or even debate about is to divide everything into two
> camps. If you're going to go into a country and take their
> natural resources, give money to both the dictator and the
> rebels.

Yeah, absolutely. Shift merit away from ideals and onto groups. As soon as the ends justify the means, as soon as certain people are unequivocally "good" and "bad" -- anything they do being justified in sabotaging the opposition -- then you're set.

> Associate everything into two arbitrary categories, both based on
> diametrically opposed ideas on how to deal with the same issues, and
> then when you want to do something dastardly, just let groupthink
> take care of the fallout.

I bet if you interviewed any strong, individual supporter of either party, there would be elements of their platform they didn't agree with. The Republican and Democratic platforms are counterintuitive mishmashes. Who knew capitalists and evangelists would be political allies?
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