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Default Re: Question regarding Lord J's multi-editor

I think I may have, stupidly, sent this as a private message. If so, I apologize, Lenophis.

However, just incase someone else might be able to help, this is my reply to Lenophis.

"Ah, it actually isn't quite what I was looking for, though that IS good to know.

Let me try and make it a bit more specific. When I change Locke's
skill from Steal to Magitek, he only has the four commands (Fire Beam,
Ice Beam, Bolt Beam and Heal Force).

What I'm looking for is to give him the entire list of Magitek skills,
like Terra starts with at the beginning of the game (Fire Beam, Ice
Beam, Bolt Beam, Confuser, Bio Blast, X... something, Heal force and

Thanks for your reply, anyway."
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