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> I can't even get Chrono Cross to run on ePSXe 1.6. It seems
> to run fine on 1.5.2 though.

It did require a few tweaks to run well. Like the '-noauto' switch on the command line and the 'Odd/even bit hack' in Pete's/P.E.Op.S GPU plugins (I know the plugins say it's only required for ePSXe 1.5.2 and earlier, they're wrong).

I also set off-screen drawing to 1 (Minimum) with the usual Alpha MultiPass and Advanced Blending on just to be on the safe side (actually, Alpha MultiPass could be causing those weird lighting problems, I'll need to investigate that).

For P.E.Op.S DSound, I set the usual SPUasync, PSX Reverb and Cubic Interpolation. Just make sure you don't enable SPU IRQ, Chrono Cross is one of the few games that it screws up.

My CD plugin settings don't matter since I only play Chrono Cross using a downloaded BIN+CUE rip.

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