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Originally Posted by Lazy Bastard View Post
GM0, who by the way has hacked more Wii codes than almost anyone in the scene (not to mention more PS2 codes, among other things) and has been a mainstay of hacking for at least a decade, probably developed a dislike for you and your poor rendition of GSC, during the GH<>GSC 'war' mentioned earlier. If you recall, he posted a thread stating that CMP (which he co-founded with UCF-Codemaster) was born at (then named, when he and UCF met and decided to create a site dedicated specifically to PS2 hacking. He also stated, "GSHI will ALWAYS have the support of CMP." Your behavior during and immediately after that episode was probably what first irked him about you.
Again you are bringing in someone who has no idea what history happened before he was even involved directly via Wii hacks and what-not. He missed out on what happened from 1998 easily until as recently as 2008 or even 2010.

I know for sure that I had never slighted him personally until he had cast the first stone. I also know that raving general incoherent babble on the forums and insulting people will not likely result in a happy ending. That is what I personally witnessed when he came over to GSCentral and that is why he is no longer there.
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