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Originally Posted by Demonic722 View Post
The only act that's considered "stealing" is if labeled a code that you made with another code hacker's name and as far as I'm concerned, that has not happened.
It has happened already with those codes I have mentioned above and thousands of others. The proper code credit has been stripped away and does in fact exist in the database. I don't have the time, inclination or even the patience to go around defacing codes.

Originally Posted by Demonic722 View Post
Personally, I have nothing against you, Rune. I just think that you contradicted yourself a lot in these recent posts and you're not practicing what you're preaching.
I snipped all of the GMO stuff because I didn't want an enormous reply. I am not aware of who was telling the truth or who was lying, or whether there was a miscommunication between Ralf and GMO, etc. I trust Ralf and I know that GMO has been a huge jerk to some people (myself included) in the past. The end result was inconclusive.

I have seen Ralf post literally dozens of original hacks that no one has posted elsewhere. No one has claimed he has stolen any other codes so I have to genuinely believe that he either did not intend to steal anything or there was some sort of 'lost in the translation' scenario going on. As I said, I never found him to be anything but nice to people and he helped port codes to NTSC from PAL/Germany.

With that said, I believe his native tongue is German so it's possible he doesn't understand what was going on. *shrugs*

In the end, GMO was banned from GSC because of this (most likely). GMO later started a thread on about this. If that GSC thread is altered, I hope these two images would provide enough evidence.
I know that GMO just hates GSCentral and there can be nothing done about that. It's been so long that I do not even recall the reason why. I don't recall slighting him but that is a separate thing entirely. He has gone on the record insulting GSCentral without provocation so you will have to ask him for his side of the story. All I know is that Ralf has never let me down and is a reliable code creator.
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