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Default Re: Question for Christians who Oppose Gay Marriage

> I would, however, like to point out that anyone who thinks
> gay marriage should be illegal because it "spoils the
> sanctity of marriage" should also be willing to outlaw
> divorce and extra-marital sex since they also "spoil the
> sanctity of marriage."

Here's MY question, let's just say that same sex marriage IS allowed...(This is called a hypothetical situation, Danoz, don't blow a vein...yet. You've made the one mistake I've been waiting for. Now, I'm just waiting for you to corner yourself.) How does that stop the opposite sex from marrying each other? You've mentioned on many occasions that you want to preserve "the sanctity of marriage," which I've also shot down many times. How? Lemme remind you, marriage is not a materialistic thing, therefore, no possible value. Also, there is no "sentiment" to marriage, so no "sentimental value" to it either.

Also, I'd like to touch on Danoz's constant nagging about how marriage is defined. He says it's already law that is it clearly defined as "between a man and a woman." I'll re-ask for the first that asked, WHERE is that stated? US Constitution? Nope... Supreme Court ever say it? Nope... (Notice how I stay away from the other side, if any response to this line, use your head, hard as you can.)
<img src=smilies/liefde.gif> <-- Would you oppose these two from marrying one another? What if I told you they were designed as a gay smiley couple?

And then, the next point Danoz LOVES to bring up. Apparently, the mind of a child will be warped if raised by two same sex people... I can assure you, a child's mind will be warped by many other things well before this ever sets in. Want examples?
1. Music videos <-- Christina, Brittany, nuff said.
2. Media <-- pretty much plays in with number 1. This includes all music itself, movies, and regular "network" TV.
3. Peer pressure <-- nuff said.
4. Full House, THREE same sex people raising three girls. Did they warp at ALL? (Father of three, and his two brothers. Joey is clearly the oddball, so try and crack him why don't ya.) Ok, bad example. <img src=smilies/sleep.gif>

Of all of those I gave, you think that gay marriage is the big threat? You need to get your priorities straight... For now I'm just gonna sit here and wait it out, until you bring in the one magic word. Be prepared for the biggest flame of your life. Nothing that Lillymon or anyone else has said will topple what I have in store for you...

As a final thought, here's my proposal... (This pretty much is what most here are already saying. <img src=smilies/upeyes.gif>)
1. Since marriage itself is regulated by the government, allow the same sex marriage. But, since churches are all high and mighty, they won't. Well, what's wrong with city hall anyway?
2. The church wants to keep whining and bitching about same sex being "married?" Fine, whatever, call it "civial union." (That's pretty much what marriage is anyway.)
3. Equal benefits for both sides. Would be nice, but this government can't even get the health care system working. So, no dice... <img src=smilies/banghead.gif>
4. Once and for all, stop harrasing the ones that want this to go through like they are renegades. (Wasn't McCarthy a renegade....? (Think back to the 1950's)) Is it so much to ask for people wanting equal treatment? That IS what this country stands for, isn't it? One word, yes...or no...

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