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Default Re: Question for Christians who Oppose Gay Marriage

I dunno, it seems to me that the whole argument is silly. Even the word "definition" is fuzzy here because different people take it to mean different things. You could take the dictionary to be the last word, but then different dictionaries say different things and any linguist would laugh at the idea of closing an argument with a dictionary definition. You could take the Bible to be the last word, but then not everyone believes that the Bible should be taken literally (or at all).

It sounds to me that Danoz is just trying to reword the argument to give his point of view more weight. He thinks marriage should only be between a man and a woman, probably for religious reasons. Fine. We know that. He won't say that, though. Instead, he tries to universalize it by saying that it sits in some sort of absolute "definition". But that's exactly what we disagree with, so it's redundant. The argument was doomed from the start.

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