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Default Re: Question for Christians who Oppose Gay Marriage

> Where do you get this mesh? How do you think those marriages
> were overturned at all?

They were overturned because the California Supreme Court declared that as Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom had no right to change the laws. It has absolutely nothing to do with the definition of marriage. Had Newsom declared that it was now legal to drive a car in San Francisco without wearing a seatbelt, it would have been overturned on the exact same grounds.

> The institution is thousands of years old and it has
> historically, always been defined as a union between a man
> and a woman.

So you're basing your opinion of the legality of gay marriage based on the dictionary definition of the word?

> If marriage is to be allowed between same sex couples, it
> should be amended to the constitution and clarified. This is
> where I stand.

How about if we institute a Constitutional Dictionary that defines every word in the Constitution? Then instead of having to reword it, we could simply redefine the words as necessary. It would make it much easier for children to memorize the text of the document in school.

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