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Default Re: Question for Christians who Oppose Gay Marriage

> What is so wrong with having two different terms for it?
> There is clearly a difference between the two, so why not
> make it explicit? I mean, your post is most likely just a
> troll at Danoz, but really it could work if a couple could
> be both married and "civily-unioned".

As for me, this is one time I agree with Danoz. There's no reason why churches should be forced to marry same-sex couples if they don't wish to do so. I'm of the stance that the legal definition of marriage should apply to same-sex marriages as well - you still have to get a marriage license, still have to go through the same legal hoo-hah to get married as a heterosexual couple, and still get the same benefits. If you want to call it a civil union, fine. Call it an extruded pineapple for all I care. I don't speak for the gay community as a whole (which is unfortunate), but the problem is that the gay community aren't separating out the religious and legal sides of it. Should gays be legally married/unioned/pinappled/whatevered? Sure. Should churches be forced to have a religious marriage ceremony for said gay couple to be able to get legally married? Fuck no.

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