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Default unfair censorship!!

hi, i am a new member who posted a thread 2 days ago about this site "ahem" non affiliation with zophars roms even though they have the same main name the same page design and if you click forums on the "other" site you are brought to this forum ,
i paid a $19,99 "donation" to get the faster dL promised on a seperate server/link whatever, and didnt get it, I feel ripped off!
when i send emails "NO ANSWER" but the site admin are super fast in deleating my last thread .
no doubt this wont survive very long either,
but I supose if I dont get any reply to explain these points and sort them out , there is allways youtube , blogs , all the networking sites etc etc to spread the word of the shoddy ripping off practices going on here (unless I am proved wrong of course)
yours CONNED Baco...
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